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Glossary of Terms

Let the record reflect the following terms, hereby presented as candidates for general use:

Informal adjective: Inaccurate presumptive label, for informal discussion of “Euro-centric” concerns, cultural artifacts commonly known as “Americanized”. A perfectly cromulant merger between things common to the popular culture of the British U.K., and the United States of America
Adjective: a compound word made up of common English words:
  • amuse
  • music
  • amazing

“amuse”, as optional to the meaning. Something may be amusicazing, whether constructed to amuse, or not.; Music, or something musical, which causes amazement. “Eminem’s Slim shady, generally recognized as the artist’s biggest hit, had an amusicazing impact on hip-hop, don’t you agree?”; “The Beatles remain influential, even in young, up-and-coming artists of the 21st century. Their unparalleled, pervasive influence is truly amusicazing, considering The Beatles productive career spanned relatively fewer years than their most significant contemporaries.

noun: predominant symbolism in the zeitgeist of Euromerican visual and performing arts.
The surface data. That which may be determined about a person; a tangible or intangible object; a thing, through extrapolation from very little research. “The epidata suggests that Spock, the character in the 1960′s television series, Star Trek, portrays a humanoid alien.”

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