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“The Best” I Never Said

Allow me to disclose a bit about myself, in terms of occupation, its most accurate to identify me as a guitar instructor, as I’ve held the occupation since 1989. I’ve taught guitar every year since, and I have active students to this day, which amounts to more than 20 years experience in the practice of education of music and performance for electric, acoustic, and classical guitar. Whenever I wish to identify something about my own habits, behaviour, or educational, illustrative writing style, I arrive at the best answers; conclusions more like that of a friend’s assessment, if I consider it in the context of my work in guitar instruction.

The Five-percent Nation of Casiotone

Having taught guitar professionally for so long, it’s natural for me to think of specific dynamics of my instructional theory as being inherent to my own technique. Though I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction, achieved from the University in 1997, I had no such formal training in Education when I began teaching guitar. In other words, I taught guitar– essentially on instinct– for several years before attending higher education, and a great majority of my students went on to be successful guitarists.

Foster’s Home For…

The point to take from this story follows: inherent to my technique as instructor, I refrain from rhetoric like “he is, without question, the best guitarist alive”, or “when it comes to performing ___, there is no better guitarist than she”. Abstaining from “best-of” language, in my experience encourages the student to develop his or her own opinion on the matter, which tends to foster the student’s own greater self-esteem and sense of confidence in him or herself.

Second Cite

If you read NoviceNotes.Net, you might recognize that I rarely cite a particular software, web application, script, whatever, as “The Best”, the ultimate, or “the end-all be-all of its class!”. Consider this anecdote as a profile of my reasoning in education, and it lends insight into my refrain from similar “best-ever” or “greatest of all” rhetoric, when it comes to authoring content for NoviceNotes.Net .

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