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jEdit – Word Wrap Icon

Intended Audience:

O/S: Microsoft Windows, Linux [most] distributions, Mac, and others
Experience: Beginner – Advanced; Everyone
Note: In this context, a “beginner” is any User who is new to Web Design / Web Development, and software commonly used in the practice thereof.

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Word wrap Icon - various sizes
Toolbar Icon: Word wrap

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Emancipated by Design :
Software Developed for You

JEdit is a Platform Independent desktop application– that is, jEdit is in a growing class of software which is developed to run on any user’s computer– regardless of the O/S, or Operating System. jEdit is available for no cost at Sourceforge.net . I created this icon because I now use the Tango icon theme in jEdit– a remarkable improvement on the appearance of the editor, in my opinion. (Tango has been available as a native Look and Feel option since jEdit 4.3.14)


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